Artist Gisele Haselbarth

Rossetti GalleryLauderdale Yacht Club
Gisele Haselbarth imbues her art with sensuous, rolling waves of light and color. Long revered for her abstract paintings, this contemporary artist draws inspiration from the ocean outside her Ft. Lauderdale home, and its influence is immediate yet strikingly original. Bold compositions introduce themselves as conceptual pieces, that is, until they beckon the viewer into a life splashing with colorful sailing, salt water and the powerful, roaring sea.

Galleries from Miami to Palm Beach have long treasured Haselbarth’s unique imagining of South Florida life, but no one expected her next dramatic artistic turn. After years as a painter, the artist has found another vital mode of expression: digital photography. Her abstract photographic pieces reveal her singular vision, somehow transformed from one medium to another. Her compositions remain true to her love for the awesome power of rolling, unbroken waves of beauty. It is fascinating evidence of an artist’s uninterrupted signature as it moves from canvas to film.

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Linger. Breathe. Indulge in the shapes and colors of a powerful, stirring sea.